Damian Gerding - Damo G


Ladies & gentlemen, this is Damian Gerding!

Through his 20 years in the international and national tattooing industry, Damian has Worked in parts of Europe, the South West Pacific and here at home Australia.

Europe: Holland and Sweden

South West Pacific: Vanuatu

Australia: Brisbane and Gold Coast (now based).

In this time, he has seen the amazing amount of change in the industry and has enjoyed it all! From the stigma of "only for certain types of people" right through to the ever evolving different styles. Damian has made life long friends everywhere he's been and learned so many different things, and also recommends it to any aspiring tattoo artist.

Through these travels he has picked up some tag names: AKA Damo G and Damo Inkslinger.

Over the years Damian has earned himself  several competition winnings and accolades "Not that I chase them, but it's nice to get a bit recognition for something you love to do and are committed to mastering"!

For the last 8 years Damian Gerding owns and operates EMPIRE TATTOOS GC (Tattoo Studio) in Oxenford on the Gold Coast. He has an excellent team of hand selected artists to cover all kinds of styles to cater to all new comers and ink veterans alike. "I love and appreciate all my studio team and the clients that keep me doing this"!

This is where you can come see the man in action yourself and maybe get some ink done while you're there!! All are welcome (18+) that is!


To book a session with Damian Gerding, contact us.


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