Q: What do I need to know before booking a tattoo?

A: Research, research, research. Do your research and know what you are wanting before you contact the shop.

We recommend that you bring reference photos in for your Tattooist so they can spend time discussing your design ideas with you. If you found the design on Pinterest, chances are its photoshopped and not actually a real tattoo so just be aware.

Q: Do I need to bring ID?

A: Yes, you must bring a valid form of ID with you on the day of your appointment if you plan on getting tattooed.

We have the right to refuse you if you do not provide ID.

Q: How should I prepare for my sitting?

A: Make sure you are well rested, that you have eaten, have showered, have a fully charged phone and have the correct money with you. We also advise that you bring a drink and some lollies with you.

Q: Can I sign a waiver to allow my underage child - friend or cousin to get tattooed?

A: Tattooing any person under the age of 18 is illegal and both you and the Tattooist can receive huge fines or jail time.

Q: Can I get this tattoo on my finger?

A: Yes but finger tattoos are done at the clients own risk and any touch ups will be at the clients own cost. No exceptions!

Q: Do tattoos hurt?

A: Yes they do. No matter what part of your body you get tattooed, there will be pain. Some places are a lot more painful than others but regardless, you will survive. You will probably find it hurts a lot less that you initially thought it would.

Q: Can I use numbing cream?

A: Numbing cream has a tendency to make your skin more tough. This forces your Tattooist have to work your skin a lot harder causing more damage to the skin. We do not recommend using it as it can compromise the finished tattoo.

Your body naturally releases adrenaline and endorphins so eventually that will take over and take the edge off.

Q:Why do tattoos cost so much?

A: Tattoos are your own personal pieces of art which you get to carry with you for the rest of your life. As the old saying goes "Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good". There is a lot more involved with your tattoo than you would think.

Q:What should I wear?

A:Be smart with what you are choosing to wear. We do not have private rooms so we are unable to accommodate for you if you choose to wear something stupid. You would rather be comfortable believe us. Wear loose fitting clothes, bring socks and a jumper. You're not here to impress anyone.

Q:Can I come and have a look at my design before my appointment?

A: Our Tattooists are always super busy so your design will be available for you on the day of your appointment.

Q:Can I get tattooed if I am unwell?

A: No. Firstly your Tattooist is in close contact with you through the whole sitting and you should be respectful towards them. If they get sick because you came in with the flu, that can potentially stop them from earning an income if they need time off. Secondly, you body may not heal as well as a healthy body would so it is advised that you let your Tattooist know and re-book your appointment.

Q:Can my kids come with me?

A: Noisy kids can be very distracting to our Tattooists so it is for this reason that we do not allow children in our shop.

Q: Can I swim or sunbake with a new tattoo?

A: Neither of these are recommended as you have open skin and swimming can lead to bacteria entering your tattoo and that will cause infection. Sunbaking with already open skin is never a smart idea. Both of these will pull the ink from your skin resulting in a poorly healed tattoo. Your Tattooist will know straight away and touch ups will be at your own cost.

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