Tattoo Time

Tattoo Time

So you're ready for a new tattoo with us at Empire Tattoos GC? Before you start your adventure in body art there are a few things that you may find helpful prior to commencement.

1. Have an IDEA of the genre you are interested in and the style of workmanship you like. You can always ask the artist in our studio to do what he thinks will work and no doubt it will...but in the cold harsh light of day that massive full colour and body dragon or demon may not be what you had in mind.

2. Understand that size and placement are key. The artist can not stress this enough to the client. The artist can not give you a masterpiece that will last a lifetime on the head of a goddamn match! Quality and detail get better with size people. 'YES SIZE MATTERS'

Yes you may want that neck tattoo for your virgin tatt but there are still limitations on job prospects with this choice. Just food for thought.

Please don't come in and ask for 10 things in one 3/4 sleeve. Its unrealistic and fries our bacon. Have a few items and make those pieces stand out and have the detail that lasts a lifetime.


  • Names of romantic partners, especially if you’ve only known them for a short time

  • Flash art without personal meaning for you

  • Brand logos

  • Photo realistic faces

  • Foreign languages you don’t speak from places you’ve never been to

  • Trendy pop culture references


Finally, don’t be afraid to spend on the best possible tattoo artist you can afford. Your tattoo is going to become a permanent part of your body, so now is not the time to try to save a few bucks. Your mates brother down the road that can give you a sleeve for $50 is going to give you a $50 job that you will inevitably have you spending more to cover it and or laser too.

Someone with experience and an extensive portfolio is well worth the extra cost. A great tattoo artist is formally trained, has a license to practice, follows all necessary safety precautions, and has an artistic style that meshes well with your personal tastes.

Don't be a dick and give your tattoo some thought.

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