Yes ladies, size does matter!

We all must thank Pinterest for helping us build pallet couches and for helping us creating our dream weddings, but please stop bringing us Pinterest tattoos. Please. Make it stop.

That teeny tiny bouquet of flowers on the pinky finger isn't real. It's not tattooable. You have been lied to. Curse you Pinterest, curse you! (I bet you never expected such a loyal friend could lie to you, but they did. The savagery!) Pinterest displays a lot of photoshopped tattoos and makes you believe that they are real.

Pinterest is misleading you all into thinking that anything is possible when in some cases it might not be. Fair enough go to Pinterest for ideas, we will allow that, but please believe your Tattooist when they tell you they will need to increase the size of the design and/or simplify/redesign it. We’re on your side after all. We want your tattoo to look just as good as you do. We don’t intentionally come to work every day just to start fights with people over their single line wave tattoos. Yes, so most of us wear black and look scary but we all put our pants on the same was as you do, reluctantly.

If you go too small with your pretty bouquet of flowers it could end up looking like a blob on a stick. (but you got that photo when it was fresh for Instagram so you're sweet. Dunwuryabowtit) Sometimes you just need to ask yourself if you want a tattoo for yourself or for all your friends on social media. It's usually the tiny tattoos that are often the regrettable ones. Just saying!

As Tattooists it's our responsibility to give you a tattoo that's going to last until they carry you out in a box. We want it to look as good as possible for as long as possible. I mean Michelangelo didn't spend all that time painting the roof of the Sistine Chapel for Frank the maintenance guy to come and paint some dove grey Dulux straight over the top now did he? He painted that bad boy to last (he probably did use Dulux though, let’s be honest) We want your tattoo to last, to be readable and to look beautiful, today, next week, 6 years from now. So just hear us out.

Tattoos, especially script and fine line work, needs to be done at a size that will allow for a bit of spreading. Some Tattooists might be happy to do a small tattoo for you but, believe it or not, each Tattooist has the right to refuse any tattoo they are not happy doing and any work that might not be their style. Wait what! If you really want a tiny tattoo then by all means search around for someone what will do it for you. After all research is the key to a great tattoo (but that’s another blog post for another day)

If your Tattooist gives you some advise on your design, just listen to them. They're not doing it to upset you, they're doing it to educate you.

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